Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like A Madman (7", Moshi Moshi)

The Wave Pictures are gloriously lo-fi rock. David Tattersall's vocal style is extremely appealing, and colorful ripples of trumpets and trombone punctuate the chorus. The track is extremely catchy, and will certainly get your toes tapping.

The slightly neurotic lyrics make this track all the more endearing - "I'd buy you bras instead of pickled eggs / Chocolate instead of chutney / Good red wine instead of bad red wine / Next time I'll remember your birthday". If that isn't true love, what is?

This track is also on their Moshi Moshi records-released debut album, Instant Coffee Baby. Unfortunately, the album isn't out on vinyl yet. Something to look forward to, but if the single is any indication, the album should be a blast.

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