Thursday, October 23, 2008

Noah And The Whale - Five Years Time (7", Young And Lost Club)

"Five Years Time" is a happy song. That's putting it mildly. This saccharine-laced track can leave you with a sugar high or a mild headache (there's only so much sugar one can take), depending on your mood.

Lyrically, it's a tale of what might happen to a relationship over the course of five years. You could be walking around a zoo, laughing at each others jokes and generally having a blast, and lead singer Charlie Fink will "look at you and say it's the happiest I've ever been". All this cheer is wrapped up in whistles, lightly strummed ukuleles, violins, hand claps and the lovely Laura Marling on backing vocals

Of course, there's the chance it could all go horribly wrong and "In five years time, I might not know you". But that's far too negative, and with a song like this, even the most melancholic of us will look forward five years time and know that everything's going to be okay.

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