Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ray Rumours/François - Mr. Bear/Swimmers, Drifters (Split 7", Too Pure)

This split 7 inch is a release from the Too Pure Singles Club, featuring "Mr. Bear" by Ray Rumours (of Electrelane fame) and "Swimmers, Drifters" by François (a sometime member of Camera Obscura's live band).

"Mr. Bear" is a sweet, delicate track that can best be described as ethereal. The Mr. Bear in question is probably allegorical, but could very well be about a teddy bear. This is no rock n' roll number, but a harmonious acoustic delight.

On the B-side of this split is François with "Swimmers, Drifters". This track carries on from where "Mr. Bear" left off with the same ethereal quality, albeit with a little more muscle. François, the multi-instrumentalist/singer/artist, will gently seduce you with his enchanting, effortlessly charming score.

Both these tracks take time to grow on you, but that is what they will surely do. Probably one of the best releases from the Too Pure stable, these are low-fi pop songs that stay with you long after the first listen.


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Wow. Timeless.
I didn't realize how much I miss vinyl.
Thanks for the listen.

Vinyl Junky said...

Glad you liked it, Joanne! Too pUre has released a new split 7" with It Hugs Back & François. Keep an eye out for it!