Thursday, October 23, 2008

It Hugs Back - Carefully (7", Safe & Sound)

With a name like It Hugs Back, you'd expect a lovely, big, warm embrace of a sound, wrapping its arms around you and caressing all the troubles of the world away. And that's just what It Hugs Back provides.

It Hugs Back create a carefully crafted sound, inspired by Stereolab, Sonic Youth and Wilco. On "Carefully", lead singer Matthew's engagingly delicate voice is combined with unusual arrangements like an upright bass and subtle horns to form an exceptionally distinctive sound.

Flip over to the B-side for the instrumental "Sometimes the Sun", and you'll be treated to more glorious sounds. Hand claps, whistles and deftly plucked chords transport you to a more idyllic place.

It Hugs Back have yet to release an album, but get your hands on all five of their singles. They're keepers.

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