Sunday, November 9, 2008

Your 33 Black Angels - Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life (LP, no label)

I finally received both my copies of Y33BA's latest offering, Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life (let's call it TMPRLL for short). In the tradition of their earlier offering, Lonely Street, TMPRLL is also a limited-edition album with hand-printed silk-screened cover. TMPRLL is, however, a double album. In my view, that's a bold move for a second album, but Y33BA make this record as organic and nonindulgent as their debut.

TMPRLL can best be described as an opus, filled with musings on love, death, memory, violence and politics. Adding to the theme of memory and retrospection, guitarist and original keyboard player, Tim Mumford’s 2006 death became both an undercurrent and an inspiration for the record. With Mumford having written "Modern Marvels" and the title track before passing, TMPRLL became a creative jumping off points and, in Josh’s words, the name of the album became homage to Mumford’s "magical song".

This album thrusts Y33BA to the next level, and I for one can't wait for their next album.

I received a poster reprint of the cover with my first copy (#5/500), but I think those are sold out as my second copy (#48/500) didn't have it.

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Your 33 Black Angels said...

Howdy! We're back with our new album, Pagan Princess. Vinyl and everything, same screen-printed covers, too. Get your copy today at!